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L'oro colato di mommio castello (the pure gold of mommio castello) is obtained from olives of the following varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Maurino.

The different sort of olive tree do not ripen at the same time. The harvest is therefore regulated considering the characteristics of every single variety.

The quality of the oil changes considerably in relation of the different stage of ripening, when the harvesting take place. The maximum quantity of oil is obtained when the "drupe" are very ripen.

First Prize Best New Oil 2009
First Prize Best New Oil 2009


Article Date
La Nazione - Rassegna dell'olio. Tradizioni da rilanciare 17-11-2009
Il Tirreno - L'olio più buono? A Mommio Castello 20-11-2009

For the production of l'oro colato di mommio castello, even if we must give up to a greater quantity of oil, we preferer to anticipate the harvest, both because the olives that remain for a long time on the tree can be damaged by the atmospheric agents, and even more because the intensity of the yielded scent, the equilibrium of the flavour and the freshness, are better.

Olives harvesting

The harvest of the olives, is done by "brucatura" (picking by hand), or by "pettinatura" (combing), which is done by passing beetwen the branches a pneumatic comb, causeing the detachement of olives.

Olives that fall down spontaneously from trees will never be used to produce l'oro colato di mommio castello .

Olives harvesting "Bacchiatura"
Leaves elimination from olives baskets

The selection of olives

Within maximum 8 hours from the harvest, the olives are delivered to the oil grinder. This much before any fermentation process may start.

The farm Azienda Agricola Del Borgo is operating with a modern continuous cycle olives grinder with the capacity of 50 Kg/h. This rigorously at cold.

Is here that the noble destiny of our olives is completed, is here that they offer their generous treasure, l'oro colato di mommio castello.

It is a delicate procedure to extract the juice from the olives. This needs experience, appropriate equipments and and most scrupulous hygiene.

L'oro colato di mommio castello, is then filtered through thick sheets of cellulose, acquiring a beautiful aspect limpid and transparent.

Some oil producers prefer to leave the oil-"must", i.e. in the condition in which is after grinding and decantering. Our experience has been teaching us instead, that it is better to eliminate those impurities which in short time may alter the acid-organoletic equilibrium, which is the pecurial characteristic of best oils.

The grinding of olives

As soon as made, the oil is "new", with the peculiar taste known as "pizzicorino", the flavour is fragrant and determined. In the following months the flavour sweeten and will loose intensity.

Preservation of oil take place in dry, aired and dark cellars. The oil is stocked in stainless steel containers of and kept at constant temperature of 13-15° C.

The process above briefly described is what gives as result l'oro colato di mommio castello.

Commercially and on the label, it is generically defined as extravergine olive oil, this because the law establishes that in this category have to be classified all olive oils with acidity lower then 1%.

L'oro colato di mommio castello has record values of much lower acidity. Just to mention the last two harvest, values were the followings:

- harvesting 1997

0,28% oleic-acid

- harvesting 1998

0,33% oleic-acid

- harvesting 1999

0,37% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2000

0,28% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2001

0,26% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2002

0,28% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2003

0,32% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2004

0,19% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2005

0,26% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2006

0,28% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2007

0,18% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2008

0,15% oleic-acid

- harvesting 2009

0,25% oleic-acid